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A Library of Web Talks 24/7/365: “A Psychology That Responds to Our Times”

Dec 31, 2017
A Library of Web Talks 24/7/365: “A Psychology That Responds to Our Times”
Let’s start with what some of the listeners had to say about Elena Mustakova-Possard’s Web Talk “A Psychology That Responds to Our Times”:
Elena MustakovaElena promised that her talk would accomplish four things: (1) bring “a Bahá’í perspective to examining the inner dynamic of oppression and the root socio-historical characteristics of a wide range of psychological conditions in the age of anxiety”; (2) “explore the challenge to develop psychological education and clinical training that address proactively the complex needs of a highly diverse and conflict-ridden global society”; (3) “offer an emergent vision of global community psychology in an explicit normative context”; and (4) “discuss processes of the systemic cultivation of cultures of social health, which foster in people spiritual awakening and progressively more empowered alignment with planetary transformation.” She said she would “draw from a synthesis of these issues, developed in a recent Bahá’í-inspired volume, Toward a Socially Responsible Psychology for a Global Era.” Book Cover: Towards a Socially Responsible Psychology for a Global EraThat may sound heavy, but Elena made good on her promises, as she discussed, clearly, without jargon, and with easy-to-follow diagrams, themes such as systemic inner oppression; our broken relationship to meaning; restructuring our relationship to life of the mind and society; a global mind change; the opening of the modern mind; moving from inner oppression to recognizing our deep resources; psychological and spiritual understanding; cognition, emotion, and volition; and unity processes in the advancement of human civilization. This list barely touches the depth and breadth of her Web Talk. But it may encourage you to start your own journey.
A number who listened to the talks immediately went to the Web to buy a copy of Elena’s book but found that its publisher, Springer, has priced it very high—probably because it is intended for university courses and academic libraries. Elena made these suggestions:
One listener to Elena’s Web Talk wrote this: “Just about every Web Talk is my favorite, but Elena Mustakova’s is the one I will return to keep myself centered in our chaotic world.”

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