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2021 Update: Fees, Courses, and Student Handbook

Oct 31, 2020
2021 Update: Fees, Courses, and Student Handbook

by Niki Daniels, WI Registrar

This update covers three main topics:

a) new fees for 2021 community learning courses;

b) a review of the course listing for January through July 2021;

c) an introduction to the Student Handbook.

2021 Fees

Yes, fees are going up for most courses next year. You can view the full table of fees and refunds online. But, in case you missed the announcement, partial payments are now accepted. This will streamline our tuition support process considerably. We have also removed the additional study group fee. This means every member of the group including the study group convener will receive the 40 percent discount. See screenshot below for the fees for a typical 7 or 8 week course. Fees for shorter courses will be lower, and for longer courses, higher.

Note: As shown above, fees are automatically discounted by 10 percent if you register 4 weeks or more before the start of the course, even if you do not pay in full at registration.

What this means for tuition support: You no longer need to complete a tuition support application if you are able to pay your fee balance in monthly (interest-free) installments.

How it works: Simply make a down payment (minimum $20, you may pay any amount above this level) and the Office of Student Services will securely charge the remaining balance in equal installments over the 3 or 4 months of the course. You will receive an automated receipt each time your card is charged.

January through July Community Courses

Most courses in the first half of 2021 are now available for your review, and for early registration. Feel free to take advantage of the partial payment option mentioned above.

Our course listing page is being updated, and now features a “list view” option which is easier to scan if you are looking for a particular course.

Courses for August through December 2021 will be added over the next few months. You can narrow your search in the list by choosing a Department, and you can now also search by month (the current month plus 2 upcoming months are listed in the drop-down date filter at top right of the list (see screenshot below).

Student Handbook

In preparation for the accreditation process, which we are aiming to complete by the end of 2021, the Wilmette Institute’s administrative team is working on policies and procedures for students (and faculty). You can find draft student policies and procedures in our Student Handbook. We welcome your feedback. This document is being continually updated.

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