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Ready For Marriage?

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People Who Take This Course

Want to explore a shared vision of a possible unified future life together with a marriage partner.

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You Are In A Serious Relationship

Wondering whether you can be successful together in marriage? This course is for you.

You Are Preparing Yourself for Marriage

Take steps towards looking for the right life partner and identifying your path of service in your marriage.

You See Marriage As Service To God

Bahá’u’lláh wrote: "Enter into wedlock, O people, that ye may bring forth one who will make mention of Me amid My servants. This is My bidding unto you; hold fast to it as an assistance to yourselves."

You Are In A Marriage And Want To Learn More

While this IS NOT marriage therapy, the units in this course can help refine and identify areas to work on in an existing marriage.

Course Introduction

Study Sessions for the Course

Course delivery over 8 Weeks for maximum benefit and learning

Start | Week 1
The Beginning: Setting Goals

Course Introduction and Goals

Unit 1 | Week 2 
Courtship and Preparing for Marriage

There is no set system for this marriage preparation process that applies to everyone. Rather there are principles to understand and apply to your lives.

These principles will help you act in healthy and noble ways with your friendship, collaboration, and joyful service. Marriage is a vital institution for a healthy global society, so learning how to approach it well is vital.

Unit 2 | Week 3 
Communication & Consultation

Communication involves talking or writing, listening, observing each other's body language, reflecting, and responding constructively to all of it from your mind, heart, and soul.

None of this is easy to learn to do well! However, the quality of your interactions helps you build and maintain unity and connection. Successful consultation requires excellent communication skills.

Unit 3 | Week 4 
Spiritual Unity & Service

Courtship is a time to explore and share a variety of experiences and discussions that help you determine what you value and believe. You will see whether you have a unified vision for your potential future life together.

One aspect of this exploration is your spiritual practices. The Bahá’í teachings place strong emphasis on service to others as a spiritual practice.

Within a relationship, this includes service to each other and your families.

Unit 4 | Week 5 
Equality and Family Life

The unity between men and women is an essential foundation for a marriage.

You will strive to understand and determine ways to carry out the Bahá’í teachings on gender equality that affect both men and women.

Your particular focus will be consulting about how to create a family that includes children and how to manage a home.

Unit 5 | Week 6 
Money and Work

You will explore your history with money, how you manage your financial affairs, and how the two of you together intend to approach money in marriage.

If you go forward into marriage, you will likely turn to family, friends, and financial advisers to help you. We won't teach you the specifics here.

The focus is on what influences your money management and what principles you would use together as a foundation for your financial decisions.

Unit 6 | Week 7
Assessing Readiness to Marry

At various points in your courtship, the possibility of marrying one another arises.

As it does, you can assess your level of agreement about key topics and behavior and your state of readiness to move forward.

There comes a time to make a decision: Are you ready to make the commitment to marry each other?

You may be at a point where you realize you are great together and decide individually and together that you want to take this crucial step.

Unit 7 | Week 8 
Uniting a Couple's Families &
Parental Consent

Your work in this Unit will include understanding the implications of unity between members of a couple's families.

Working towards marriage in courtship is a time for prospective spouses to thoroughly know each other.

They learn about each other's character and their ability to maintain harmony and carry out consultation effectively between them.

Marriage also connects two families together, and parental consent is required for a Baha’i to marry.

About the Faculty

We welcome our trained and experienced Wilmette Institute Faculty.  Our instructors for this course include:

Leslie Asplund

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Susanne M. Alexander

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What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

“I think this course is an excellent one as it helps frame the big questions that one should be considering prior to marriage. It helps open up communication on topics that might be difficult, or taboo for some cultures, to speak about but that are very necessary. Even for those of us who have been raised in the Baha’i Faith, going deep into what it might mean that marriage is both a spiritual and a physical union - the many facets and implications this has, and the kinds of commitments it calls for, has been enlightening. It's certainly helped elevate our conversations as well, which has been a very good daily practice!”

-Past Participant

How I wish I had used the Family Unity Discussion Guide and Exploring Your Expectations of a Spouse Worksheet prior to my first marriage. Much anger, grief and misunderstanding might have been avoided had my ex-wife and I had them at our disposal and been brave enough to face and accept the mutual incompatibility between us.”

-Past Participant



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  • This is a practical application course and not an academic course.
  • You will apply the content to your relationship and lives
  • Parents and Baha'i Institutions interested in the topics of courtship and marriage and want to support healthy and happy marriages in others


  • This is not a course for couples needing professional counselling