William Collins

William Collins

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William P. Collins was Director of the Bahá’í International Library, 1977–90, Chief of the Cataloging Division, United States Copyright Office, 1991–2000, and Program Planning Officer with the United States Copyright Office 2000-2016. He is now “retired” – meaning he is serving the Bahá’í Faith and the wider community for most of his waking hours.

He is author of Bibliography of English Language Works on the Bábí and Bahá’í Faiths, 1844–1985 (1990), and numerous articles on Bahá’í history and beliefs. He has served in the past in various professional capacities on boards for the Bahá’í Faith, including the United States National Bahá’í Archives Committee, Bahá’í Publishing Trust advisory board, the Editorial Committee of the Journal of Bahá’í Studies, and the Editorial Board of the Bahá’í Studies Review. 

He has served the Bahá’í community as a member of several Spiritual Assembles, an Area Teaching Committee Secretary, a Cluster Institute Coordinator, a member of the Regional Bahá’í Council of the Atlantic States (currently as its Treasurer), and in various other capacities.

Since retirement , he has become more active in interfaith work, including Ventures in Community (a southeastern Fairfax County coalition of faith communities and social service organizations serving those in need), and in a number of efforts to support individuals and communities who are harassed, whose properties are vandalized, or who are subjected to hate crimes based on religion.


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