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Presentation on Shaykhism by John Cotton

John Cotton recently took the Wilmette Institute’s course Introduction to Shaykhism. Using information and materials from the course, he gave a deepening to nine people. I made a presentation Wednesday night  (1/28/15) to our local study group . . . It

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Christianity Course Contributes to Three Declarations in Malta

Elda DiLorenzo, an American pioneering in Sassari, Sardinia, who recently made a trip to Malta, found that Christianity for Deepening and Dialogue equipped her to relate Christ to Baha’u’llah, resulting in three declarations. The following is one of her stories. I met

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Discovering the Baha’i Faith through Islam

Rosemary Ryan, San Diego, California, had her understanding of the Baha’i Faith, Baha’i scholarship, religion in general, and interfaith dialogue transformed by taking Islam for Deepening and Dialogue: I was really overwhelmed by the depth of the readings that we

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Respect for Islam Enriches Understanding of the Baha’i Faith

Mark Reddy of Durango, Colorado, found that Islam for Deepening and Dialogue helped him understand and defend Islam and read the Baha’i writings with greater comprehension. One of the richest parts of the course [on Islam] was the discussion via postings. I

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