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Susanne M. Alexander has served as lead faculty for the Wilmette Institute relationship and marriage courses since 2013. She and her multi-member team create courses that help people more deeply understand the Baha’i teachings on this topic and do practical application of them in their lives.

Susanne is an experienced Relationship and Marriage Educator and Coach with a specialty in character. She has presented over 100 relationship and marriage workshops and keynote addresses in the US, Canada, and China through her service company Marriage Transformation® (;, which is also, including at Smart Marriages®, Better Marriages, and Fortress for Well-being conferences, as well as at many Bahá’í schools. She is certified as a coach by Life Innovations to offer to couples their PREPARE/ENRICH readiness to ask for consent/marry and marriage well-being assessments. Susanne is also an author of over twenty books and discussion guides on relationships and marriage, a journalist, and an editor. She is a member of the National Association for Relationship and Marriage Education ( Susanne holds a BA in Communications from Baldwin-Wallace College in Ohio. Her over 200 articles have been published in, Marriage Partnership, Strengthening Marriage, Newsweek Japan, The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, and Massage Magazine among others.

Personally, Susanne has been single, dating, engaged, married, divorced, and widowed. She is a child, stepchild, parent, stepparent, and grandparent. All of this has given Susanne a diversity of experience to share! She is currently married to a wonderful man named Phil in Harrison, Tennessee near Chattanooga.

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