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Sovaida Ma’ani Ewing is an international lawyer, independent scholar, and the founding director of CPGG — the Center for Peace and Global Governance ( CPGG is a virtual think tank and online forum that pools and proposes principled solutions to pressing global problems through publications, podcasts, lectures, workshops, webinars, and targeted consulting.  CPGG has just published Sovaida’s latest book entitled Building a World Federation: The Key to Solving Our Global Crises, which is available in both digital form and as a paperback at,, and as an iBook.  The book posits that humanity has been passing through stages of collective growth towards integration and unity. Our current collective crises–including climate change, financial upheavals, proliferation of nuclear weapons, gross human rights atrocities, and mismanagement of critical natural resources–are simply manifestations of our passage through a turbulent adolescence. The only way to a peaceful world is for humanity to take the next step towards maturity by establishing collective decision-making institutions that can evolve into a world federation of nation-states.

Sovaida is also the author of Collective Security Within Reach published by George Ronald in 2008 with a foreword written by an Under-Secretary General of the United Nations.  It offers concrete recommendations for action by world leaders, national and international, to solve some of the pressing global problems of our time including the proliferation of nuclear weapons, the equitable distribution of energy resources and the international use of force.

Her other publications include Laws of the Kitab-i-Aqdas, Tracing Their Evolution in Religious History, co-authored with Baharieh Rouhani Ma’ani (published by George Ronald) and Creating a Baha’i Identity in Our Children published by Grace Publications.  She maintains a blog that analyzes and offers principled solutions to current global problems at  Ms. Ma’ani Ewing is currently working on her next book focussing on issues of energy and nuclear proliferation.

Ms. Ma’ani Ewing is a barrister-at-law of England and Wales, an LLM graduate in International Law and European Union Law from Cambridge University and an attorney-at-law in the United States. Her eighteen year legal career has included private practice with respected law firms in Washington, DC, including her own, teaching as an adjunct professor of law and most recently service as an Attorney-Advisor in the Legal Advisor’s Office of the US State Department.

Ms. Ma’ani Ewing was born to a pioneer family in Kenya, and went to school in Haifa, Israel for several years during which her mother served at the World Center. She has lived in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. Her Baha’i service includes membership on Local Spiritual Assemblies in England and the US, membership on the National Youth Committee in the UK, work as an assistant to an Auxiliary Board Member, membership on the Board of the Baha’i Justice Society, and service as the Baha’i representative on the Washington Metropolitan Interfaith Council.

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