Relationships, Marriage, Parenting and Family

Susanne AlexanderChair: Susanne M. Alexander

Relationships and Marriage Section 
Coordinator: Susanne M. Alexander

Parenting and Family Section 
Coordinator: Chelsea Lee Smith

December 2017 Courses

Are We Ready for Marriage? As-You-Need-It
(Register 24/7/365)

Creating Unity with Friendship, Fun, Social Vitality & Laughter
12/26/17 to 02/11/18

2018 Courses (1st Term)

NEW COURSE: Exploring Friendship, Dating, and Courtship
01/08/18 to 02/05/18

NEW COURSE: Nurturing Your Baby Spiritually During Pregnancy
02/05/18 to 03/18/18

NEW COURSE: Enhancing Love and Friendship in Your Marriage
02/12/18 to 03/12/18

Faculty: Relationships and Marriage

Faculty: Parenting and Family