Study Alone or in a Group

Hands on Keyboard

Individual Study:

Are you looking for a way to study some aspect of the Bahá’í Faith while balancing work and family? If so, studying individually in one of our on-line courses will suit your needs.

Individual study means that you are committing to study alone in your own home on your own computer. But you will not really be “alone.” The Wilmette Institute brings together an on-line learning community that includes one or more faculty members to guide you through the course; a mentor to answer your questions; and students from all over the world, who share perspectives and insights through the forum provided in the course.

Group Study:

Do you study best in a group situation? Organizing a group in your community to take one of our on-line courses is perfect for you.

Group study means that you will be able to study alone in your own home on your own computer. But if you register as part of a study group (with one or more of your friends—up to twenty-one of you), you can supplement your personal study with discussions every week or two with those in your group. Your group will have access to one or more faculty members to guide you through the course; mentors to answer you and your group’s questions; and, through the forum provided for the course, the insights and perspectives from fellow students from all over the world.

How to Form a Group:
  1. Click on the course registration link, then select “group” rather than “individual” on the first screen.
  2. Complete all personal registration information.
  3. If you have the names, email addresses, and postal addresses of your group members, add them. You can always go back and add them later.
  4. Pay for the group when you get to the payment page. There is one fee to create the group and register the first member (generally, equal to the cost of an individual registration) and an additional fee for each additional group member (generally, equal to about 60% of the individual registration).
  5. You will receive an automated registration confirmation by email. It will have a link at the end where you can modify your registration or add individuals to your group.
  6. Send the registration confirmation to group members so they can add themselves to the group, or use the link to add them yourself.

The group members reimburse the person who paid the group fee, according to whatever arrangement the group has agreed on. If some group members need a scholarship, they will need to email the Wilmette Institute and inform the person who created the group.