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Highlights from May eNewsletter

1. Wilmette Institute Launches First Business Course: Developing a New Business Paradigm

Dr. Nabil Elias

On May 1, the Wilmette Institute is launching its first business-oriented course Achieving Moral Excellence in Business. A nine-week course, Achieving Moral Excellence will ask learners to rethink, among other things, “the purpose of business; examine the meaning of such spiritual and moral values as unity, justice, nobility, and service; and explore how these values and operational principles such as consultation apply in a business environment.” A collaboration between the Wilmette Institute and the Baha’i-inspired organization ebbf (Ethical Business Building the Future), it is the Institute’s first foray into applying a Bahá’í perspective to the world of business.

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2. Great Start for Wilmette Institute First-Timers Discount Offer

In January 2019, the Wilmette Institute launched a deep-discount offer for Wilmette Institute First-Timers. This was the deal: If you had never taken a course with the Wilmette Institute, you could choose the First-Timer discount when you registered for your first course—which is US$10.00. The response was even heartier than expected. For the Winter term (January–March 2019), 153 individuals have taken the Wilmette Institute up on its discount offer.


3. Breakthrough Online Workshop on Microaggression Result of Faculty-Learner Collaboration

Val Day-Sanchez

In February 2018, the Wilmette Institute hosted its first course on Racism in America: The Most Vital and Challenging Issue. The topic was so popular that the course was oversubscribed (60 participants), and it was offered again in June 2019 with 56 participants. The course’s faculty, two of whom were new to the Wilmette Institute, invited two of the participants from the June 2018 course to join the 2019 course as discussants. Discussants are persons with special experience or expertise in the course topic who assist the faculty by contributing to the course forums and enriching the dialogue.


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