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Highlights from August eNewsletter

1. 2019 Community Outreach Survey: Preliminary Results are Encouraging

Read the results of our survey of students who took courses four or more years ago or who registered and never logged into their course. What were the big obstacles for taking a course? Time and money, of course. Are they your obstacles, too? See the solutions we propose.

Karen Web2. University Initiative—Feedback from Bahá’í Theology Course

Karen Webb, from Centerville, Utah, is taking Bahá’í Theology for credit. We asked her for feedback on how the course has been going so far. Here are her thoughts.

3. Introduction to the Qur’an Produced an Amazing Opportunity: Recitation of a Qur’an Verse at a WeddingSanjida Cabot

As a result of taking the course Introduction to the Qur’an, Sanjida Cabot was asked to recite an Arabic passage from the Qur’an in the Baha’i wedding of two friends. She adds, “It was especially meaningful to the couple that I recited because I am a woman and women are so often not permitted to recite publicly (though this is changing overall). Also I recited without wearing a hijab, which many Muslims believe is required. Thankfully the reading was well received even by the Muslim guests.”

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