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Highlights from February Newsletter

Bicentenary Medallion designed by Joe Paczowski1. The Number of Web Talks for Bicentenary of the Birth of the Báb Keeps Growing

The list of Web Talks to help you prepare for and understand better the bicentenary of the Birth of Báb has grown to ten. The new talk, entitled “Shaykh Tabarsi: A Turning Point in the Bábí Faith,” is scheduled for May 5. Dr. Siyamak Zabihi-Moghaddam holds a doctorate in Middle Eastern history from the University of Haifa and has written about this famous episode in Bábí history. 

You can sign up now to reserve your spot for the live talks. And you can also plan a community gathering to listen to any of the talks about twenty-four hours after the live talk. Print this 2-page flyer with all the 2019 Bicentenary Courses and Web Talks. Plan a potluck. Then listen to the talk and have a community discussion.  READ MORE>>

2. What Did the Survey on the Courses for the Bicentenary of the Birth of the Báb Show?

When the Wilmette Institute launched its first-ever survey, it had no idea what to expect. But, since the survey asked respondents about courses planned for the bicentenary of the Birth of the Báb, it had at least two hopes.

One was that the survey would help learners organize their study about the Báb and His life and writings in preparation for the bicentenary of His birth in late October 2019. Another hope was that the survey would give the Wilmette staff a sense of which of the courses on the Báb would appeal to learners and which ones they were more likely to take. Here are some the results that stand out:  READ MORE>>

3. Wow! Just Wow! How a 24/7 Course “Thinking of Relationships and Marriage?” Helped a Couple on the Verge of Retirement Conduct a State of Their Union

Several years ago the Wilmette Institute launched three 24/7/365 courses aimed at young people contemplating marriage or moving toward the big date. Why? Because those thinking about a relationship and marriage need advice now, not when the courses comes around on a one- or two-year cycle.

But that was not the case with a learner who asked not to be named. Here is how she described experiencing the course Thinking of Relationships and Marriage?: READ MORE>>

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