Neil Whatley

neilwhatleyNeil Whatley is a crops specialist with the government of Alberta, Canada where he has spent 10 years assisting grain farmers with agronomic aspects of growing and storing cereal, oilseed and pulse crops. Having previously managed the Saskatchewan Pulse Growers’ farmer participatory research program, Neil’s main focus in his current work is promoting grain legume crop production to support sustainable cropping systems through one-on-one conversations with farmers, speaking at field days and conferences, and writing media articles and web-based fact sheets. He also serves on the strategic planning committee for agriculture extension with the government of Alberta. 
Raised on a farm in Saskatchewan, Neil spent 10 years co-managing the family’s farm after high school. He received a Bachelor of Science in crop science and agriculture extension from the University of Saskatchewan and a Masters in rural sociology and empowerment-based adult learning from the University of Regina. As a rural developer and production systems agronomist, Neil worked for 7 years using the Baha’i-inspired Rural University methodology to facilitate agriculture development with the Bribri Indigenous people in Costa Rica as well as consulting with Indigenous groups in other Latin American countries.
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