Nabil Elias

Nabil Elias is business faculty emeritus at UNC Charlotte, former professor at University of Manitoba, and former MBA director at UNC Charlotte and U of Manitoba. In his MBA course (decision making & control), he incorporated issues of corporate social responsibility, sustainability, business ethics, and corporate governance that he taught in the US (UNC Charlotte, Thunderbird), Canada (Manitoba), France (INSEAD, HEC, ESCP), Mexico (EGADE), and UNC Charlotte’s MBA programs in Hong Kong and Taiwan. His research interests included customer profitability, integrative conflict resolution, human capital, CSR and environmental management & reporting. His research appeared in top academic and professional journals and he contributed to various academic and professional research reports and monographs.

Nabil’s current passion is to contribute to the development of a new business and management paradigm that strategically transforms business and non-business organizations to achieve moral excellence based on the spiritual and moral values drawn from the Bahá’í Revelation. Dr. Elias was recently appointed as ebbf Dean of Education (ebbf is a Bahá’í-inspired learning community, Ethical Business Building the Future

Nabil’s consulting experience includes in-house executive development training in medium and large corporations and serving as technical director of a World Bank-IMF project that developed the Egyptian Institute of Directors and its corporate governance curriculum. He is past president of the Canadian Academic Accounting Association, and former Canadian accounting standard setter. Nabil served on professional accreditation site-visit teams of 15 Canadian business schools. A former Fulbright Grantee, Nabil holds CMA, CPA and FCMA designations in Canada, and his B. Com from University of Alexandria (Egypt) and M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota. See more at Nabil’s LinkedIn page:

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