Louis Venters, “No Jim Crow Church: The History of the South Carolina Baha’i Community”

In No Jim Crow Church: The Origins of South Carolina’s Bahá’í Community (University Press of Florida, 2015), Louis Venters recounts the unlikely emergence of a cohesive interracial fellowship in South Carolina, uncovering the origins of what is today the state’s largest religious minority. In the midst of the extraordinarily hostile environment of Jim Crow segregation and violence, white and black Bahá’ís in South Carolina took great personal risk to make spaces for genuine friendship, cooperation, and shared identity across the color line, coming to think of themselves as one people—equal members of an emerging spiritual commonwealth that spanned the globe. In this presentation, Venters presents highlights from this unusual story and explores its relevance for contemporary America.

Purchase the  book: http://upf.com/book.asp?id=VENTE001

Review of No Jim Crow Church, by Robert Stockman.

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