Kelly Monjazeb

kelly-monjazebKelly is a Sexual Health Educator and Sexual Wellness Coach and the founder of Better Family Life Seminars and Spirit First Seminars ( She is also a Registered Social Worker and Virtues Project™ Master Facilitator. Kelly has a mission to contribute to strengthening family life through spiritual and transformational education and to provide safe circles and spaces for people to heal, particularly related to sexuality.

Kelly dedicated herself for many years to discover a unique approach to support people in “harmonizing sexuality and spirituality,” and shares a vision that honors the innate dignity of all people. Her work addresses cultural sexual shame and the pervasive influence of pornography, as well as how to deal with and heal from their effects. Kelly offers a highly positive and hopeful view of our capacity to create healthy unions as we heal our distortions and grow in our collective maturity and understanding. As a mother of three, Kelly especially understands the challenging but vital role parents have today in raising a new generation of youth who can discern the pitfalls of a materialistic world, be spirit-centered, sexually healthy, and relationship-ready.

Over the last twenty years, Kelly has presented at the Association for Bahá’í Studies and to a variety of audiences on the Virtues Project™, parenting, women’s issues, Bahá’í marriage, the Bahá’í Year of Waiting (for divorce), and human sexuality. Kelly currently offers spirit-centered sex education programs and services for women, couples, parents and youth in the form of individual and group coaching, online and in-person classes, and healing retreats.

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