Justine Finn

JustineFinnJustine Finn has worked for the past ten years in a variety of professional, academic and community environments to advance the equality of women and men, focusing on social and spiritual attitudes towards equality and the impact of media on social health. Justine facilitates workshops and seminars on campuses and in communities across the country with the Advancement of Women portfolio at the U.S. Baha’i Office of Public Affairs, serving in a pro bono capacity. Since 2010, she has worked at the Tahirih Justice Center, a Baha’i-inspired, national nonprofit organization that protects immigrant women and girls refusing to become victims of violence.  Prior to that, she was a teacher at a women’s college in Nanjing, China and a reporter for The American Baha’i Newspaper.

Justine has researched sexual assault prevention programs on college campuses and the impact of western media on Chinese norms of feminine beauty.  She is passionate about the spiritual education of youth, and has facilitated classes and trainings for children and teens for eight years.  Justine obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Journalism at Loyola University of Chicago.  She currently lives in the Washington, DC Area with her husband, Will.