Gary Reusche

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Gary Reusche is an agricultural and rural-development expert who left the United States in 1975 to pioneer and work in social-and-economic-development projects abroad. He received a PhD in crop science from Mississippi State University and executive MBA training from the University of Twente in the Netherlands. During most of his career he combined both technical and business aspects of rural development. After more than forty years project-management experience in over sixty countries, he retired from the private sector branch of the World Bank and now lives in the Ukraine where he has a small farm and a Bahá’í-inspired vacation school for children and youth. His technical expertise includes fifteen years of experience in banking and insurance for small and medium-sized agricultural producers, ten years as a regional manager in the ex-Soviet Union for a major Dutch consulting firm, and fifteen years as seed-industry specialist (generally employed from academic positions). Currently, he teaches entrepreneurship and small-business start-ups at the leading MBA school in the Ukraine and occasionally takes on consulting assignments.

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