Frequently Asked Questions about the Web Talks

Do We Need to Pay?

No; the web talks are free celebrations of the Wilmette Institute’s 20th anniversary.

How Do We Watch?

Every web talk has a unique web link. Just click on the link and it will take you to the talk.

When should we click on the link?

We recommend that people start to “arrive” 5 minutes early, so we can start promptly on time.

Do we need a camera or microphone?

No. The only microphones and cameras that will be turned on are those of the presenters. All you need is a computer with loudspeakers. It will be like watching a youtube video.

Do we need special software?

When you click on the link, you will be asked to download a free application, which takes just a few seconds and makes the reception of the program possible.

Can we watch on a smart phone?

Yes, all kinds of computers, tablets, and smart phones should work fine.

Can we ask questions?

Yes, there will be a “chat box,” a little box where you can type questions and comments.

If we don’t have access to a computer, can we participate in any way?

Yes, we will also publicize a telephone number. You will be able to hear the talk but we will have your speaker turned off, so no one will be able to hear you. Otherwise, there might be too much background noise.

Are these talks open to anyone?

Yes, they are available to the entire public, anywhere in the world.

How long will a talk last?

Probably 25 to 40 minutes, with questions and discussion afterward.

Will the talks be recorded?

Yes, and we will announce the web link where you can watch and listen at any time convenient to you. If the speaker provides a PowerPoint to us, we will make that available as well.

Will the talks be related to potential courses?

Yes, many of the talks will occur right before the speaker is offering a course, and the talk will often relate to the course. We will provide information about the course at the end of the web talk.

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