News and Training

This page is a new resource for Wilmette Institute Faculty. Here you will find training materials, meeting and event announcements, and information on what’s new in Moodle. You can also find information and recordings from previous Faculty Meetings on the Faculty Meetings page.

New Department Structure

The Wilmette Institute is ready to establish Departments and Sections. This is the proposed structure:

Religion, Theology, and Philosophy

  • Bahá’í Faith
  • Islam
  • Christianity and Judaism
  • Hinduism, Buddhism, and Chinese Religions
  • Indigenous Religion
  • Zoroastrianism
  • Theology and Philosophy
  • Issues about Religion and Science
  • Interfaith Dialogue

Bahá’í History

  • Researching and Writing

Bahá’í Sacred Texts (Bahá’u’lláh, the Báb, `Abdu’l-Bahá)

Authoritative Texts (Shoghi Effendi, Universal House of Justice)

Bahá’í Institutions and the Community

  • Archives
  • Consultation

Social Change

  • Advancement of Women
  • Climate, Agriculture, and Sustainability
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Governance and Peace
  • Health Care
  • Law

Arts and Literature

Marriage and Relationships

  • Parenting

Note that most departments also have a “General” Section that isn’t listed, so not all courses fit in these sections. Departments (and, in some cases, Sections) should meet. Rob Stockman has organized the first Departmental meetings via GoToWebinar. Faculty have been notified by email. If you can’t attend your meeting, feel free to attend another one, as the preliminary agenda will be the same.

Preliminary Agenda

  1. The boundaries of the Department (what courses are included and what are not)
  2. The various sections of the Department and possible new sections
  3. Role of the chair of the department (and of the coordinator of each section, when they are needed)
  4. Possible directions the departments can move in (new courses; quality control; Web Talks; web conferences)
  5. Common departmental resources (we now have a Google education suite; we can give people email addresses ending in

Scheduled Meetings (click to register and get meeting link + reminders)

Religion, Philosophy, and Theology: Sat. Sept. 23, 12-1 pm Eastern time

Sacred Texts + Authoritative Texts: Sat. Sept. 23, 3-4 pm Eastern time

Bahá’í History: Sun. Sept. 24, 1-2 pm Eastern time

Social Change + Bahá’í Community + Arts and Literature: Sun. Sept. 24, 3-4 Eastern time


GoToWebinar Training

First, we want to thank the many faculty who have worked hard to improve courses by adding videos. If you are already making videos for your university or college course and have your own videorecording software, this is not for you. If not, this Webinar Recording Slide Show (PDF) will show you how to use the Wilmette Institute’s GoToWebinar account to make videos for your course.

For an example of how GoToWebinar can be used, see Druzelle Cederquist’s video series on Storytelling. Most of the videos you make will be kept unlisted, for viewing by course participants only, but some may be useful for a wider audience, and can be made public as a free resource for the Wilmette Institute’s online learning community. Examples of these videos are on the Deepen Webinars page. Faculty-made videos are also very useful in promoting your courses. Excerpts of your videos can be used to announce and promote an upcoming course. An example is this video featuring Susanne Alexander, talking about the course Are We Ready for Marriage?

Moodle News

The recent Moodle upgrade means that Learners will have easier access to Wilmette Institute courses from their mobile devices. We will soon be posting a set of instructions on how to access Moodle using the Moodle mobile apps.

You will notice that Moodle looks a lot different, and the Moodle editor seems to have less functionality. The lack of functionality actually helps to make our courses more uniform, and ultimately more accessible to learners with disabilities. Stay tuned for tips on Accessibility and Usability which our staff have been learning from Quality Matters courses.