The international faculty of the Wilmette Institute consists of some ninety individuals, including women (40% of the total) and men, young scholars and seasoned professionals, academics and self-trained experts, of diverse nationalities and backgrounds, who contribute to the Wilmette Institute’s mission of engaging an international and multicultural community of learners in in-depth study of the Bahá’í Faith. Some serve as faculty at accredited colleges and universities. Others are researchers in specialized topics or persons who have acquired deep experience in the subjects they teach.

A typical course, depending on its size, has one lead faculty member who serves as the course coordinator and one or two additional faculty members. All faculty members post comments on class assignments, ask questions to stimulate student discussion, answer student questions on the Web-based discussion forums, hold phone or web conference sessions for groups of students, and mentor students on a one-on-one basis. Occasionally, individuals with expertise in a particular topic join the course as guest speakers to contribute their expertise to the forum discussions.

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Peter Adriance
Farzin Aghdasi
Susanne Alexander
Necati Alkan
Leslie Asplund
Brian Aull
Hooshmand Badee
Trip Barthel
Swathi Baskaran
Thelma Batchelor
Alex Blakeson
Ted Brownstein
Christopher Buck
Peggy Caton
Susan Cangurel
Reba Carruth
Druzelle Cederquist
Phyllis Ghim Lian Chew
William Collins
Mat Cotton
Arthur Lyon Dahl
Roger Dahl
Nicola Daniels
Sherna Deamer
Ed DiLiberto 
  Armin Eschraghi
Babak Etemad
Sovaida Maani Ewing
Shamil Fattakhov

Justine Finn
Mary Fish
Betty J. Fisher
Stephen Friberg
Daniel Gebhardt
Daniel Grolin
Richard Hainsworth
Donna Hakimian
Paul Hanley
Barron Harper
Robert Harris
Cathy Higgins
Candace Moore Hill
Richard Hollinger
Sandra Lynn Hutchison
Ceylan Isgor
Stephen Karnik
Hoda Kemp
Ian Kluge
  Todd Lawson
Barney Leith
Joan Lincoln
Kevin Locke
Jenny Lockwood
Mark Lutness
Baharieh Maani

Susan Maneck
Laurent Mesbah
Vasu Mohan
Moojan Momen
Wendi Momen
Kelly Monjazeb
Shahrokh Monjazeb
Riaz Mostaghim
Christine Muller
Kim Naqvi
Roger Neyman
Brian O’Flanagan
Karryn Olson-Ramanujan
Lil Abdo Osborne
Anne Pearson
Anne Perry
Steven Phelps
Brent Poirier
Daniel Pschaida
  Sue Rishworth
John Safapour
Marjan Nirou Saniee
Robert Sarracino
Mikhail Sergeev
Nahid Shams
Sharona Shuster
Melanie Smith
Peter Smith
Robert Stockman
Adam Thorne
Fariba Vahdat
Lois Walker
James West
Neil Whatley
Dan Wheatley
Christopher White
Robert White
Robert Wilson
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