How to create or update your Profile

One of your first tasks in Unit 1 is to create or update your profile. Again, you can see this as a Powerpoint (with pictures!) or just read the plain text below.

How to Edit your Profile (PDF of Powerpoint)

Here are instructions in text form:

•    Open “Learning Center Home Page.”
•    Look for title of your course in list of courses for this year.

NOTE: Courses for the current year are at the top of list of courses, in alphabetical order and followed by the start date.

•    Click your course.

•    On “Classroom Page,” select “Navigation” box in right-hand column.

NOTE: Blocks have heavy blue bands on top with the titles reversed out in white and blue outlines around the clickable choices.

•    Select “My profile.”

•    Find “Settings” box in right-hand column.

•    Under “My profile settings,” click “Edit profile.”

NOTE: Your profile will open on the left side of your screen in a format that enables you to edit it. You can:

o    Provide information about yourself.
o    Enter a brief bio about yourself. This helps you, your fellow learners, and the faculty to get to know each other better.
o    Upload a photograph of yourself from your computer (or a photograph of a pet, a flower, or another image).
o    Add optional information such as skype numbers, websites, hobbies, and so on.
o    Change your settings (for example, you can change the way you receive postings; you can get them one at a time [“No digest (single email per forum post)”] or all of them in a digest once a day [“Complete (daily email with full posts)”], which is want many learners choose.

FURTHER NOTE: Most of the information on your profile page is optional. If you do not understand the options, or if you cannot provide the information (such as the address of a personal website), ignore it. You can also hide some of your personal information if you want.

•    Edit your profile.

•    Click “Update profile” at bottom of page.

Good luck!

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