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Robin Chandler, “Baha’i Identity: Conscientious Spirituality and the Games People Play”

Sunday, September 9, 2018, 2 p.m. Eastern (11 a.m. Pacific, 8 p.m. Western European time) Register for the Web Talk In troubling times such as these, being a Bahá’í is a spiritual privilege. Our concerns about the collapse of societies worldwide

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Kevin Locke

bio and photo forthcoming.

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Peter Adriance

Peter Adriance served for 26 years as Representative for Sustainable Development in the U.S. Bahá’í Office of Public Affairs, located in Washington, DC. Until he retired in 2016, he represented the Bahá’í International Community and the Bahá’ís of the U.S.

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“Islam: An Exploration” PowerPoint Shared with Community Fireside

Sanjida Cabot, from Islip, New York, USA, is a physician and the mother of twin toddlers. She has been a Bahá’í since 2011. Before that she grew up as Bangladeshi-American Muslim. She was born and raised in Ohio and, by

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Gregory Dahl, “Globalization and Current Events: A Baha’i Perspective”

Sunday, February 12, 2017, 2 p.m. Eastern (11 a.m. Pacific, 8 p.m. Western European time) Watch the talk on YouTube Watch the Questions and Answers on YouTube View the PowerPoint for Globalization and Current Events in pdf As the world around

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Leslie Asplund

Leslie Moulton Asplund, Ph.D., is a psychotherapist and licensed social worker in private practice and currently living on Camano Island, Washington, USA. She co-owns Spirit Ridge Counseling with her husband, Kurt ( Leslie was Adjunct Faculty for many years at

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Riaz Mostaghim

Riaz Mostaghim serves as a private family and marriage counsellor in the Ottawa area of Ontario, Canada. He also has extensive experience serving people with special needs and offering personal development/relationship counseling. Some of his experiences include managing a residential facility

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Shahrokh Monjazeb, “A Divine Proclamation Like No Other! Bahá’u’lláh’s Súratu’l-Mulúk (The Epistle of Kings) – Part 1: Historical Contextualization & Essential Features of the Tablet”

Sunday, November 27, 2016, 2 p.m. Eastern (11 a.m. Pacific, 8 p.m. Western European time) Register for the Talk Description of talk forthcoming.           This is the first of four talks about Baha’u’llah’s Epistle of the

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Todd Lawson, “Baha’u’llah, The Return of Joseph”

Sunday, September 25, 2016, 2 p.m. Eastern (11 a.m. Pacific, 8 p.m. Western European time) Watch the Talk on YouTube Read a summary of the talk Read a related paper, Todd Lawson, “The Baha’i Tradition: The Return of Joseph and

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Dan Wheatley

Dan Wheatley worked on global governance issues in British Parliament for five years and is currently employed by the Bahá’í community of the UK as Senior Diplomatic Officer. His work covers defence of Bahá’í communities facing persecution, and discourses in

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