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Music and Native American Spirituality: A Deepen Webinar by Kevin Locke

Kevin Locke has recorded a third Deepen Webinar, this one on “Music and Native American Spirituality.” It is part of the Wilmette Institute’s course on Native American Religion and Spirituality, but is also for posterity. That means the Webinar, with

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Web Talk Resources to Use in Presenting Bahá’u’lláh’s Unifying Teachings

The Universal House of Justice and the National Spiritual Assembly are increasingly urging us to “present the unifying teachings of Bahá’u’llah” to our fellow-citizens in the run-up to the celebrations of the Twin Birthdays in October. Many of the Web

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Deepen Webinars Perfect for Firesides and Deepenings

As Deepen Webinars increase in numbers, they provide diversity and interest for your firesides and deepenings. Two of them help you add to your skills: consultation and storytelling. Another one gives you a moving glimpse inside the life of the

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Web Talk for Bahá’u’lláh’s Two Hundredth Birthday Plus Seven More for 2017

On Sunday, October 15, in honor of Baha’u’llah’s bicentennial birthday, Dr. John S. Hatcher will give a Web Talk called “In the Beginning Was a Word: How Language Knits Reality Together.” You will definitely want to put that one on

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More In-Box Emails: Dr. Todd Lawson’s Web Talks on the Bahá’í Faith and Islam

Many who listened to Dr. Todd Lawson’s trilogy of talks on the Bahá’í Faith and Islam found them mind-expanding and life-changing. You can still listen to them on the Wilmette Institute’s YouTube channel and also read and download supplementary materials

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Understanding the Badí‘ (Bahá’í) Calendar

Eric Stanton, a public librarian, has been a Bahá’í for twenty-five years. Yet he reports that The Badí‘ (Bahá’í) Calendar: Reshaping Our Material, Social, and Spiritual Reality (faculty, Nicola Daniels, Mark Lutness) has reshaped his mind and life in a

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Storytelling: “Make Me Care”

Bridging the Gap Between Mind and Heart “A simple story breathes life into information people want to share with each other.” – International Storytelling Center “Viewed aright, this year presents the single greatest worldwide opportunity there has ever been for

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Call for Papers for Bahá’í Studies Unit at 2017 American Academy of Religion Conference: Deadline March 1

“Religion and Public Discourse in an Age of Transition” is the title of the Call for Papers recently issued by the Bahá’í Studies Unit of the American Academy of Religion (AAR) to be held at the AAR conference in Boston,

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Islam for Deepening and Dialogue Course Engenders Reflection, Outreach, Changes in Beliefs, and Application of Learnings

Harriet Pasca-Ortgies, who lives in Bay Shore, New York, USA, joined five learners in the Islip Bahá’í community’s study group for the Islam for Deepening and Dialogue 2016 course (faculty: Susan Maneck, Necati Alkan, Lil Abdo Osborn). When she began

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ebbf Learn Event in Bucharest, Romania: Accomplishing a Twenty-Five Year+ Goal

by Wendi Momen A History Lesson and Goals. If an organization were a human generation, ebbf would be a Millennial. Conceived during the closing years of the Cold War at a gathering of European Bahá’í business (mostly) men, it was

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