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A Blind Learner Offers Help Navigating Moodle to Other Blind Learners

This is a story of firsts. Ruby Edgar, who is totally blind, enrolled in her first Wilmette Institute course—The Advent of Divine Justice: Guidance for Winning the Goals of the Five Year Plan—and participated fully in the course, preparing a

Letters to the Editor: “Mark Tobey and the Evolution of ‘White Writing’—The Awakening of Spirit” with Robert Weinberg

When Robert Weinberg gave a Web Talk earlier this year titled “Mark Tobey and the Evolution of ‘White Writing’—The Awakening of Spirit,” one listener said he thought it was the best Web Talk the Institute had ever hosted. We don’t

Traducciones al español de webinarios: Fruto de la colaboración entre las Américas de norte y sur

Por Peter C. Newton-Evans, Niki Daniels y Betty J. Fisher Ya están disponibles las traducciones al español de seis webinarios del Wilmette Institute sobre asuntos mundiales y el diálogo interreligioso (véase el artículo original en inglés). Entre estas nuevas traducciones

Spanish Translations of Web Talks: A Result of North and South American Collaboration

By Peter C. Newton-Evans, Niki Daniels, and Betty J. Fisher Spanish translations of six Wilmette Institute Web Talks on global issues and interfaith dialogue are now available (as is a Spanish translation of this article). The new translations include: GLOBAL

Letter to the Editor: Dr. Benjamin Schewel’s Web Talk on “Seven Ways of Looking at Religion”

Comments about Dr. Benjamin Schewel’s Web Talk—“Seven Ways of Looking at Religion”—continue to arrive. Below are two, including one that explores the phenomenon of interreligious fundamentalism and conservatism and looks to the future. Listen to the talk on the Wilmette

Three Bahá’ís Receive Prestigious “New Shape” Prize

Three Bahá’ís were honored at the New Shape Forum, a gathering of the Global Challenge Foundation held in Stockholm, Sweden, on May 27–29, 2018, with a New Shape Prize. The Bahá’í honorees include Dr. Arthur Lyon Dahl, president of the

Honoring Pocahontas Pope, the First African American Bahá’í in Washington, D.C.

On May 19, 2018, during the eightieth year since the passing of Pocahontas Pope (c. 1864–1938), the first African American Bahá’í in Washington, D.C., the Bahá’í community in that city held a gathering in the National Harmony Memorial Park in

Letters to the Editor: Bahá’í Perspectives on Materialism and Discontent by Abdu’l-Missagh Ghadirian

Dr. Abdu’l-Missagh Ghadirian drew a large virtual audience when he talked about “Materialism and Discontent: Bahá’í Perspectives” in June. Below are some comments about the Web Talk, which is now available on the Wilmette Institute’s YouTube channel.—THE EDITORS Thank you

Letter to the Editor: Comments on “Interreligious Dialogue: Myths and Reality,” an Interview with Professor Leonard Swidler

In a first for the Wilmette Institute’s Web Talk series, Dr. Mikhail Sergeev, the chair of the Wilmette Institute’s Department of Religion, Philosophy, and Theology, interviewed Professor Leonard Swidler, a Catholic colleague about “Interreligious Dialogue: Myths and Reality.” Dr. Swidler

Wilmette Institute’s Third-Term Courses—July and August 2018

The Wilmette Institute has announced its third-term courses, which run during July and August 2018. By clicking on the links below or by opening the Wilmette’s web page and clicking on the 2018 Courses tab, you can register for the

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