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ebbf Appoints Nabil Elias to New Dean of Education Position

ebbf (ethical business building a better future) is a Bahá’í-inspired global learning community that accompanies mindful individuals and groups through daily work and discourse to transform business and the economy, thereby contributing to a prosperous, just, and sustainable civilization. In

Wilmette Institute Board Meets, Develops Far-Sighted New Plans

by Robert Stockman At its meeting June 22–23, 2018, the Wilmette Institute Board reviewed its progress and refined its goals for the next several years. Its articulation agreement with the United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities in Minnesota, USA,

A New Look—An August Web Talk on “Tahirih: Beyond Emancipation”

You won’t want to miss the one Wilmette Institute Web Talk in August. Dr. Roya Akhavan will be speaking on “Táhirih: Beyond Emancipation,” delving into Táhirih’s importance beyond her role in the emancipation of women. The talk is scheduled for

Letter to the Editor: The Kitáb-i-Iqán—Another Deepening with Sohrab Kourosh

You may have missed Dr. Sohrab Kourosh’s Web Talk on the Kitáb-i-Iqán, but you can access it anytime in the Wilmette Institute’s library of Web Talks and also print out his PowerPoint to enhance your study. About his course, Dr.

Letter to the Editor: The Seven Valleys, a Deepening with Sohrab Kourosh

Now is always a good time to study once again a work by Bahá’u’lláh—in this case His Seven Valleys. In May 2017, just before the commemoration of the ascension of Baháu’lláh, Dr. Sohrab Kourosh gave a Web Talk deepening called

Faculty Susanne Alexander Co-Authors Book on Preparing For Marriage

Wilmette Institute Department Chair Susanne M. Alexander, with co-authors Johanna Merritt Wu and Jeremy Lambshead, has published a new Bahá’í-teachings-based book entitled Starting with Me: Knowing Myself Before Finding a Partner. The authors identified lack of self-preparation as one of

A Blind Learner Offers Help Navigating Moodle to Other Blind Learners

This is a story of firsts. Ruby Edgar, who is totally blind, enrolled in her first Wilmette Institute course—The Advent of Divine Justice: Guidance for Winning the Goals of the Five Year Plan—and participated fully in the course, preparing a

Letters to the Editor: “Mark Tobey and the Evolution of ‘White Writing’—The Awakening of Spirit” with Robert Weinberg

When Robert Weinberg gave a Web Talk earlier this year titled “Mark Tobey and the Evolution of ‘White Writing’—The Awakening of Spirit,” one listener said he thought it was the best Web Talk the Institute had ever hosted. We don’t

Traducciones al español de webinarios: Fruto de la colaboración entre las Américas de norte y sur

Por Peter C. Newton-Evans, Niki Daniels y Betty J. Fisher Ya están disponibles las traducciones al español de seis webinarios del Wilmette Institute sobre asuntos mundiales y el diálogo interreligioso (véase el artículo original en inglés). Entre estas nuevas traducciones

Spanish Translations of Web Talks: A Result of North and South American Collaboration

By Peter C. Newton-Evans, Niki Daniels, and Betty J. Fisher Spanish translations of six Wilmette Institute Web Talks on global issues and interfaith dialogue are now available (as is a Spanish translation of this article). The new translations include: GLOBAL

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