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Jean Parker Publishes “Emergency Preparedness through Community Cohesion: An Integral Approach to Resilience”

Emergency Preparedness Book Cover

Dr. Jean Parker, Wilmette Institute faculty in education, business, and economics courses, has just published her doctoral dissertation as a book, Emergency Preparedness through Community Cohesion: An Integral Approach to Resilience. A revision of her doctoral thesis, it looks at

2019 Community Outreach Survey: Preliminary Results are Encouraging

In June, the Wilmette Institute sent a survey invitation to nearly 2,000 learners who had either not taken a course in four or more years, or who had never logged in. The purpose was to help the Institute improve its

Significant Progress for the Wilmette Institute

Nicola Daniels

By Robert H. Stockman The last two months have seen two important milestones in the development of the Wilmette Institute. One involves the matter of accreditation. The other, upgrading the Institute’s staff. Pursuing Accreditation. In mid-April, while exploring information about

Course Certificates of Completion: Now There’s an App for That!

Dummy Certificate awared to Quddus George for Rapid Certificate Making

by Niki Daniels A new automated system for creating Certificates of Completion for qualified learners in Wilmette Institute courses will now ensure that Certificates will be emailed to learners on a weekly basis. An Antiquated Certificate System. The old system

Join 251 First-Timers for a Discount on Your First Wilmette Institute Course

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As of the end of May, 251 learners have signed up for their first Wilmette Institute course, using the US$10.00 discount launched in January. Choosing thirty different courses, the first-time learners account for 40 percent of all registrants between January

New 24/7/365 Anytime Course Starts in June

Young Married Couple Brazil

Starting on June 1 is Creating Marriage Well-Being from the Beginning, yet another 24/7 course. Its theme, like that of two courses launched in May, is marriage. This course is aimed at couples in the first five years of marriage

Breakthrough Online Workshop on Microaggression Result of Faculty-Learner Collaboration

Val Day-Sanchez

Racism in America: The Most Vital and Challenging Issue 2019 Faculty: Gwendolyn Etter-Lewis, Guy Emerson Mount, Nicola Daniels by Niki Daniels In February 2018, the Wilmette Institute hosted its first course on Racism in America: The Most Vital and Challenging

Great Start for Wilmette Institute First-Timers Discount Offer

Screenshot showing First-Timer Discount

In January 2019, the Wilmette Institute launched a deep-discount offer for Wilmette Institute First-Timers. This was the deal: If you had never taken a course with the Wilmette Institute, you could choose the First-Timer discount when you registered for your

Wilmette Institute Launches First Business Course: Developing a New Business Paradigm

On May 1, the Wilmette Institute is launching its first business-oriented course Achieving Moral Excellence in Business. A nine-week course, Achieving Moral Excellence will ask learners to rethink, among other things, “the purpose of business; examine the meaning of such

Two New 24/7/365 Anytime Courses Available Now and Another in June

Young Married Couple Brazil

Three new Anytime Courses are being added to the roster of courses already available 24/7/365. Two of the courses—Making Time and Service Choices as a Couple and Enhancing Love, Friendship, and Service in Your Marriage—begin on May 1 and will