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Wilmette Institute’s Third-Term Courses—July and August 2018

The Wilmette Institute has announced its third-term courses, which run during July and August 2018. By clicking on the links below or by opening the Wilmette’s web page and clicking on the 2018 Courses tab, you can register for the

New Aids to Help Learners Navigate Moodle

Now available are two new aids for students learning how to navigate Moodle, the course-delivery system that the Wilmette Institute uses for its online courses. One is a video First-Timer’s Guide on how to log in to a course, create

Benjamin Schewel and a New Way to Think about Religion: A Web Talk Not to Miss

review by Robert Stockman Dr. Benjamin Schewel, in his recent Web Talk discussed his innovative approach to thinking about religion. Called “Seven Ways of Looking at Religion,” his talk was a summary from his 2017 book (Yale University Press) of

Three June Web Talks: Adventures in Scientific Principles, Interreligious Dialogue, and Materialism and Discontent

As spring gives way to summer, the Wilmette Institute is offering a rich plate of talks for your enjoyment—two traditional Web Talks and a third one, which is an interview (a first for the Institute) by a Bahá’í of a

Bahá’í Student Gives Sermon as She Graduates with a Degree in Chaplaincy from the United Theological Seminary

Reflections from a Ukulele Chaplain—Emily Youngdahl Wright, MDiv, with special guests, Ukulele Drive—Julie Elhard, Rocky Mjos, Peggy Larson, Bob Berg, Doug Wright On April 25, 2018, Emily Youngdahl Wright, a Bahá’í pursuing a Master’s degree in Divinity, with a concentration

Massive Compilation of Information about American Indians and the Bahá’í Faith Published

Dr. Littlebrave Beaston has published a 575-page compilation of quotations, stories, and summaries of articles about American Indians in literature published by Bahá’ís. Many years in the making, Dr. Beaston combed through Bahá’í sacred texts, letters by and behalf of

Our Email Box: Listener Comments on Web Talks on the 2017 Bicentenary and a New Look at the Exodus Story

Web Talks generally generate a flurry of comments, but sometimes listeners take their time about watching the talks on the Wilmette Institute’s YouTube, and then they respond. The letters to the editor below are the second kind. Here are their

Our Email Box: On Valerie Phillips’ Web Talk “The Special Place of America in the Baha’í Authoritative Texts”

Valerie Phillips’ Web Talk in April on “The Special Place of America in the Bahá’í Authoritative Texts” evoked many comments from listeners (her talk and PowerPoint are now available). But, first, here is some information that provides context to the

Our Email Box: Comments on Web Talks about Two Hands of the Cause of God—Tears and Laughter

Mariette Leong, the youngest daughter of the Hand of the Cause of God Collis Featherstone, shared with Wilmette Institute Web Talk listeners the captivating, moving (many were in tears), funny, and informative talks about her father and about the Hand

Our Email Box: About Greg Dahl’s Web Talk on “Economic Life: Reflections on the Universal House of Justice Message of March 1, 2017″

If you think economics is for the experts, you may change your mind when you listen to Gregory C. Dahl discuss the topic in his recent Web Talk “Economic Life: Reflection on the Universal House of Justice Message of March

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