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A Learner’s How-To List for Engaging in Interfaith Dialogue

Preparing for Interfaith Dialogue 2018 Faculty: Ted Brownstein, JoAnn Borovicka, Anne Pearson Lisa Kelly, a Bahá’í living in Madison, Wisconsin, signed up the 2018 course on Preparing for Interfaith Dialogue, thinking it “would have more focus on specific religions, in

Learning How to Participate in Interfaith Dialogue and Then Jumping Right In

Preparing for Interfaith Dialogue 2018 Faculty: Ted Brownstein, JoAnn Borovicka, Anne Pearson “Hello, I am Sheila” was Sheila Idoine’s introduction of herself to her fellow learners in the Wilmette Institute’s 2018 course on Preparing for Interfaith Dialogue. Sheila is a

Bahá’í Theology Course Results in Exploration of Catholic Document “Dei Verbum”

Bahá’í Theology: Concepts of God, Revelation, Manifestation, Creation, Humanity, Afterlife, and Creation 2017 Faculty: Mikhail Sergeev The 2017 Bahá’í Theology course stimulated a lot of thinking about the nature of God’s relationship to the world, the Bahá’í concept of revelation,

Learning How to Respond to Global Challenges: Four Women Share Their Stories

Responding Effectively to Global Challenges: Three World Order of Baha’u’llah Letters Faculty: Sherna Deamer, Betty J. Fisher Responding to global conflicts “in the unfoldment of the Lesser Peace” is part and parcel of the development and growth of the Bahá’í

Unexpected: How a Pioneer Achieved His Goals for Course on Shoghi Effendi

Shoghi Effendi: His Life and Ministry 2017 Faculty: Ed DiLiberto, Anne Perry Brian Wessel became a Bahá’í when he was fifteen and pioneered to the Marshall Islands in 1990. Since then, he has married a woman from Kiribati, raised one

An Oral Historian Gains New Insights into How to Tell Better Stories of People and Places for The Oklahoma Bahá’í Oral History Project

Writing Biographies and Histories: Recording Stories of People and Places 2017 Faculty: Robert Stockman, Thelma Batchelor, Roger Dahl, Richard Hollinger, Jenny Lockwood, Adam Thorne Mark Vaccaro, a Bahá’í from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA, a learner in the Wilmette Institute course

Letter to the Editor: Standing Up for Equality of Women and Men

“Just a line to let you know that when the local newspaper printed my article “Egalitarianism,” I was awakened, early in the morning, by a very eager woman who wanted to know how I knew that word.  She stated that

Letter to the Editor: A Pat on the Back for a Future Virtual University

“The Wilmette Institute courses are a joy to me, and, if I can, I participate in one at least annually. The mentors, the ease of use, the forums and sharing, the access to material and references, even the camaraderie, are

Using the Kitáb-i-Iqán to Teach Evangelical Christians in Nigeria

Martha Garman, a pioneer to Africa with her husband for forty-five years, was in Upstate New York in the late summer of 2017 for “medical repairs” (in her case cataract surgery on both eyes) so that they could return to

Loneliness in Social Action—Let’s Welcome Them, Let’s Bring Chocolate

Sustainable Development and the Prosperity of Humankind 2017 Faculty: Arthur Lyon Dahl, Christine Muller, and Peter Adriance Sustaining 11 Billion People: Challenges for an Ever-Advancing Civilization 2017 Faculty: Paul Hanley, Gary Reusche, Halel Samimi, Neil Whatley One of the goals

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