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An Australian Bahá’í’s Journey in Interfaith Dialogue, Part 2: From Learning to Action in and outside Ruhi Classes

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Preparing for Interfaith Dialogue 2019 Faculty: Ted Brownstein, JoAnn Borovicka, Anne Pearson In April, the editors shared what Australian Bahá’í Colin Dibdin had learned from the Wilmette Institute course Preparing for Interfaith Dialogue, much of which centered around the skill

Two Books Published with Help from Writing Biographies and Histories Course

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Writing Biographies and Histories: Recording Stories of People and Places 2015 Faculty: Thelma Batchelor, Roger Dahl, Richard Hollinger, Robert Stockman, Adam Thorne The authors of two recent books acknowledge the help and encouragement they received in the Wilmette Institute’s course

“Telling Another Soul of the Dawning of the Day of God”: A Closer Look at Storytelling Course Improves Skills

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A Closer Look at Storytelling, an anytime 24/7/365 course Druzelle Cederquist In its Ridván 2017 letter, the Universal House of Justice wrote that it was entreating “the one Beloved that the whole of this bicentennial year [marking the two hundredth

Fire, Smoke, and Climate Refugees: Sustainable Development and Climate Change Made Real

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Sustainable Development and the Prosperity of Humankind 2018 Faculty: Arthur Lyon Dahl, Christine Muller, Laurent Mesbah The backdrop or, depending how you look at it, center stage for learner Leslie Gottert’s story is the Camp Fire in Northern California, which

Bahá’u’lláh’s Early Mystic Writings, the Seven and Four Valleys, and Outreach to Bahá’ís and Muslims

Sohrab's Self Study Notes for the Seven Valleys of Baha'u'llah

Bahá’u’lláh’s Early Mystic Writings 2019 Faculty: Christopher Buck John Cotton, a Bahá’í from Russellville, Arkansas, has been reading Bahá’u’lláh’s Seven Valleys and Four Valleys for more than forty-five years (he became a Bahá’í in 1972). But he says his appreciation

Update on Statue of Champlain and Mohawk Native American

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Indigenous Perspectives on the Sacred 2018 Faculty: Brian O’Flanagan, Ceylan Isgor, Kevin Locke, Richard Hainsworth In the Fall of 2018, Chahbaz Azarkadeh, a student in the 2018 iteration of the Wilmette Institute course Indigenous Perspectives on the Sacred, shared information

How Economics Can Become Part of Personal Enrichment and Community Building

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Economics and Community Building 2018 Faculty: Jean Parker, Hooshmand Badee Elahe Birjandian, a Bahá’í from Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, took the Wilmette Institute course Economics and Community Building in 2018. She is an accountant and the treasurer of the

Consorting with Followers of All Religions with Confidence

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Preparing for Interfaith Dialogue 2019 Faculty: Ted Brownstein, JoAnn Borovicka, Anne Pearson “Bahá’u’lláh,” Shoghi Effendi has written, “exhorts His followers to consort, with amity and concord and without discrimination, with the adherents of all religions.” This year the Wilmette Institute

Moodle Upgrade: Four Features to Enhance Your Learning Experience

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With the Wilmette Institute’s March 2019 upgrade to Moodle 3.6, you may have already discovered changes. For example, the course pages look different. But there are also new features you will want to check out. Below are four features designed

WI Online Course Grist for a Lifelong Learning Course

The Destiny of America 2018 Faculty: Christopher Buck Urgency seemed to be at the top of the list when a fairly new Bahá’í enrolled in not one but three Wilmette online courses. Victoria Welborn had only been a Bahá’í for