Author: Niki Daniels

“Globalization and Its Discontent” (Interview with Professor Alexander Chumakov)

Sunday, November 4, 2018, 12 noon Eastern time (9 a.m. Pacific, 8 p.m. Moscow time) Register for Web Talk As a modern religion for the global age of humanity, the Bahá’í Faith is striving to achieve what Bahá’ís call the Lesser

Letter to the Editor: How Much I Have Learned from the Wilmette Institute

Doris Bogardus has taken a few Wilmette Institute courses over the years, but, since May 2017, she has taken five courses. We suggest that you google the “hugelkultur beds” that she mentions below. Besides being a fun word to say

Letter to the Editor: Climate Change Now a Part of Local Activities

After the Wilmette Institute published its April 2018 issue of its eNewsletter, which featured the Climate Change course as its first course for April, it received the following email. Winnie Merritt took the course in 2015 and is still putting

Wilmette Institute’s Third-Term Courses—July and August 2018

The Wilmette Institute has announced its third-term courses, which run during July and August 2018. By clicking on the links below or by opening the Wilmette’s web page and clicking on the 2018 Courses tab, you can register for the

New Aids to Help Learners Navigate Moodle

Now available are two new aids for students learning how to navigate Moodle, the course-delivery system that the Wilmette Institute uses for its online courses. One is a video First-Timer’s Guide on how to log in to a course, create

Benjamin Schewel and a New Way to Think about Religion: A Web Talk Not to Miss

review by Robert Stockman Dr. Benjamin Schewel, in his recent Web Talk discussed his innovative approach to thinking about religion. Called “Seven Ways of Looking at Religion,” his talk was a summary from his 2017 book (Yale University Press) of

Three June Web Talks: Adventures in Scientific Principles, Interreligious Dialogue, and Materialism and Discontent

As spring gives way to summer, the Wilmette Institute is offering a rich plate of talks for your enjoyment—two traditional Web Talks and a third one, which is an interview (a first for the Institute) by a Bahá’í of a

Living Responsibly—Use Energy-Efficient Appliances: Make Your Life a Beautiful Prayer

“Therefore strive that your actions day by day may be beautiful prayers.” —‘Abdu’l-Bahá Christine Muller (faculty for the Wilmette Institute’s Climate Change and Sustainable Development and the Prosperity of Humankind courses) continues to give us monthly tips aimed at helping

“Practical Steps toward Racial Harmony”: A Way to Educate Bahá’ís about Racism

Racism in America: The Most Challenging Issue February 2018 Faculty: Gwen Etter-Lewis, Niki Daniels, Guy Emerson Mount, Robert Stockman Katharine Key, who lives in Washington, D.C., USA, became a Bahá’í in 1996. She is a white musician and has two

An Aussie Confronts Racism in America: The Most Challenging Issue

Racism in America: The Most Challenging Issue February 2018 Faculty: Gwen Etter-Lewis, Niki Daniels, Guy Emerson Mount, Robert Stockman One of the seventy-eight learners who signed up for Racism in America: The Most Challenging Issue in February 2018 when the

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