Register Anytime Courses (24/7/365)

24-7-365 logoIn May 2017, the Wilmette Institute introduced a new type of course: Register-As-You-Need-It Courses with the slogan “Sign up anytime. Work at your own pace.” What does that mean?

  • You can register 24/7/365.
  • You can take such courses when YOU need them, not on someone else’s schedule.
  • Couples, families or community groups can sign up together, as a study group.
  • You will have units with reading assignments and questions to discuss.
  • Faculty-mentors will be available to help and guide your study when you need them.

Note: There is no early registration discount, as the start date is the day you register. Tuition support is also available 24/7/365. If you or members of your study group need financial assistance, please see the guidance here: Tuition Support (Scholarships).

If you are new to the Wilmette Institute, please read
this guidance on how to sign up for a course.

24/7/365 Course List

Engaging in Parental Consent for Marriage 24/7/365
This is a four-unit course centered in the Bahá’í belief that marriage is intended to be a unifying experience for a family. It explores the knowledge and skills needed during courtship as well as those that help build family unity throughout the process leading up to a marriage.

Are We Ready for Marriage? 24/7/365
You are in a serious relationship and wondering whether you can be successful together in marriage. Come explore your shared vision of a possible unified future life together. Engage in a rich learning experience about: friendship, communication, spiritual unity, being of service, equality, family life with children, money and work, marriage as a divine institution and foundation for world unity, uniting a couples’ families, and parental consent to marriage.

Thinking of Relationships and Marriage? 24/7/365
You may be uncertain about being in a relationship and also be thinking, “Why get married?” Come explore and learn new perspectives and ways of preparing for positive experiences. Building a relationship can be a natural part of your life journey to establish a close connection with someone. Individuals and couples at all stages can benefit from a well-being check, and studying the guidance on this subject helps even married couples do a “state of the union” checkup.

A Closer Look at Storytelling 24/7/365  (registration closes on February 15, 2019)

A story bridges the gap between mind and heart. “A good story can change you.” What better time than now—the Holy Anniversary Years—to learn how to share the dramatic and moving stories of the Báb and Bahá’u’lláh and the heroic days of the Dawnbreakers? In ten short videos A Closer Look at Storytelling introduces a few key principles, practices, and related brain science for becoming a more effective storyteller. Topics include the collaborative nature of storytelling, practical tools to engage listeners, creating a supportive practice, and storytelling opportunities inherent in Baha’i life. Examples are taken from the recommended text, The Story of Bahá’u’lláh: Promised One of All Religions. The course expectation is not to create an expert storyteller, but the learning mindset of a “storyteller-in-training.” Whether sharing a story with a friend or a roomful of people, anyone can grow their storytelling comfort zone.

Nurturing your Baby Spiritually During Pregnancy 24/7/365
Are you currently expecting a baby or planning to grow your family in the near future? This course invites participants to learn ways to nurture the spiritual well-being of a baby during pregnancy and in the parents as they experience this significant change. Topics include the role and preparation of mothers, fathers, and other family members for the changes ahead; the use of prayer and spiritual scripture throughout the experience; the marriage and family unit as the secure foundation for the well-being of the child; and the importance of building a spiritual and emotional support network for new parents. This course consists of 5 units and is available year-round.

NEW Building Intercultural Understanding as a Couple 24/7/365
It is easy to say that the oneness of humanity is a vital part of peace on the planet. It is another matter to figure out how to unify two people with different cultural backgrounds, races, or languages into a happy relationship or marriage. In Building Intercultural Understanding as a Couple, we will enhance understanding of the spiritual principles involved as well as delve into the practical, daily application of them. Practical application includes the impact of your union on your families and current or future children. Come deepen your unity along with us!