Application of Bahá’í Teachings

Mr. Vasu MohanChair: Mr. Vasu Mohan

2018 Courses (1st Term)

How to Organize and Maintain a Bahá’í Archives
01/08/18 to 04/08/18

Bahá’í Perspectives on Agriculture and Food
01/20/18 to 03/09/18

NEW COURSE: Racism in America: The Most Challenging Issue
02/01/18 to 04/04/18

NEW COURSE: Bahá’í Institutions, the Community, and the Individual
03/01/18 to 04/18/18

Health Care and Social Action
03/07/18 to 04/24/18

The Bahá’í Faith and the Arts
03/15/18 to 04/25/18

2018 Courses (2nd Term)

Climate Change
04/01/18 to 05/26/18

Relating the Bahá’í Teachings to Public Life (Without Being Political)
06/10/18 to 07/28/18

Economics and the Bahá’í Faith
06/20/18 to 08/08/18