Adam Thorne

Adam ThorneI was born in England and in my teens I emigrated with my family to the US in 1963. My spiritual mother was Joanny Miller (now Lincoln) who taught me the Faith in 1967 in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. I emigrated to Australia where I declared in 1968 and I was much involved in Victoria State activities. I returned to England, married and trained as a teacher. I served on the Learned Arm from 1977, I was a European Counsellor from 1985 -1988. I was appointed to the Baha’í Council for England in 1999 and served until 2008 during the heady days when the training process was being developed. In 2011, I offered to start the organization of the UK Baha’í archive boxes and in particular the historical material from before 1963. I intend to write about the history of the British Isles community from 1921, and currently I am writing about the Baha’ís and World War II. I am now retired from teaching, at home I am under my wife’s direction as the head under-gardener and my youngest son (training as a chef) is chief cook and bottle washer!

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