About Our Courses

If you’re new to the Wilmette Institute, you can find answers to frequently asked questions about how our courses work on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

For more detailed guidance on fees, discounts, study groups, academic credit and more, use the links below.

Scholarship Discounts: In addition to regular discounts for seniors (65+ years of age), full-time university students and international Baha’i pioneers, there are always scholarship discounts available for those who cannot afford to pay the course fees. Learn  how to apply (and how to contribute to the scholarship fund!) here.

Paying Tuition by Check or Credit Card: Find guidance on how to pay your course fees. The Wilmette Institute accepts Visa, Mastercard and Discover credit cards, as well as payments by check or money order.

Study Alone or in a Group: Thinking of studying with some friends? Get all the details on how to form a study group, including guidance on managing group payments, here.

How to Seek College Academic Credit for a Wilmette Institute Course: If you are a university student (or lecturer), this page outlines our current arrangements.

You can also learn more about our arrangements for Accommodating Disabilities, and providing Technical Assistance to the members of the Wilmette Institute’s Online Learning Community.