2019 Courses

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The six courses on the life and writings of the Báb are called out in bold type. Please take this 3-minute survey that will help you plan ahead for 2019 and also help the Wilmette Institute serve you better.

WINTER TERM (January to March 2019)
January 2019

Preparing for Interfaith Dialogue
01/05/19 to 03/01/19

Helping Teens and Children Navigate Media and Screen Time
01/14/19 to 02/17/19

Discovering the Báb’s Persian Bayán: The Most Holy Book of the Bábí Religion
01/10/19 to 03/23/19

Finding the Hidden Gift: An Approach to Studying the Bahá’í Writings
01/15/19 to 03/04/19

Bahá’í Perspectives on Agriculture and Food
01/20/19 to 03/09/19

Bahá’u’lláh’s Early Mystic Writings
01/25/19 to 03/14/19

February 2019

The Life of the Báb
02/05/19 to 03/25/19

The Promised Day Is Come
02/10/19 to 03/23/19

Enhancing Love, Friendship and Service in Your Marriage (for engaged and married couples)
02/11/19 to 03/10/19

Exploring the Qur’an
02/15/19 to 04/18/19

Embracing a Spiritual Identity of Motherhood
02/18/19 to 03/31/19

The Institution of the Mashriqu’l-Adhkár
02/25/19 to 04/14/19

March 2019

Economics and Community Building
03/01/19 to 04/25/19

Racism in America: The Most Vital and Challenging Issue
03/05/19 to 05/06/19

Indigenous Perspectives on the Sacred
03/10/19 to 05/04/19

The Arts and Community Building
03/15/19 to 05/16/19

Fostering a Bahá’í Identity in Children
03/25/19 to 05/19/19

How to Organize and Maintain a Bahá’í Archives
03/25/19 to 06/16/19

SPRING TERM (April to June 2019)
April 2019

Climate Change
04/01/19 to 05/26/19

Bahá’í Institutions, the Community, and the Individual
04/05/19 to 05/23/19

Sustaining Eleven Billion People: Challenges for an Ever-Advancing Civilization
04/15/19 to 06/02/19

From Mysticism to Prophecy: Gems of Divine Mysteries and Other Early (Baghdad Period) Tablets by Bahá’u’lláh
04/18/19 to 06/05/19

The Bábí Faith, 1844 to 1863: Rediscovering the Dawnbreakers
04/25/19 to 06/12/19

May 2019

Achieving Moral Excellence in Business
05/01/19 to 06/18/19

Gifts of the Spirit: The Spiritual Practice of Creative Writing
05/05/19 to 06/18/19

Conscious Parenting of Young Children
05/13/19 to 06/23/19

Shoghi Effendi: His Life and Ministry
05/15/19 to 07/02/19

Youth: Learning about Bahá’í-Based Relationships
05/20/19 to 06/16/19

Exploring the New Testament
05/25/19 to 07/12/19

June 2019

Introduction to Islam
06/01/19 to 07/19/19

Bahá’í Theology

Introduction to the Kitáb-i-Iqán

SUMMER TERM (July – August 2019)
July 2019

Education and the Bahá’í Faith

The Báb’s Qayyumu’l-Asma: Commentary on the Qur’an’s Surih of Joseph
07/05/19 to 08/17/19

The World Order of Bahá’u’lláh

Communications Skills for Spiritually Minded Parents

Exploring the Book of Revelation

August 2019

Science, Religion, and the Bahá’í Faith

The Writings of the Báb

FALL TERM (September – December 2019)
September 2019

Sustainable Development and the Prosperity of Humankind

Hinduism for Deepening and Dialogue

The Bahá’í Faith: A Comprehensive Introduction

Sharing the Bicentenary of the Birth of the Báb with Children
09/16/19 to 10/20/19

Writing about the Writings: The Art and Craft of the Personal Reflection Piece

The Covenants of the Bahá’í Faith
09/25/19 to 11/19/19

October 2019

Building a World Federation: The Key to Resolving Our Global Crises

Economic Justice and the Bahá’í World Order

November 2019

What Is Bahá’í Courtship and Marriage?

The Equality of  Women and Men

Writing Biographies and Histories: Recording
Stories of People and Places

The Seven Valleys and the Arts of Transformation

The Summons of the Lord of Hosts

December 2019

The Promise of World Peace
12/01/19 to 01/11/19

Zoroastrianism for Deepening and Dialogue

The Advent of Divine Justice

Christianity for Deepening and Dialogue